Non -Powered Asset GPS History

The Asset – GPS History API is available to enable integrated users to poll GPS location-based information for a specified period of time.

Important concepts to understand prior to utilizing any of the available integration methods:

·      Asset – GPS History API is offered as a RESTful web service

·      Standard REST verbs are applied: GET

·      Throughout this document, we will reference the unique identifier to be invoked for each of the main objects available to be created or deleted.  The unique identifiers used within this API method set include:

o   Asset Number

·      This API only interacts with your Non-Powered Asset.  Any Powered Asset trackers you have will need to be queried using the Vehicle GPS History API

Note : The returned response will be restricted to the Reveal account's data plan. If the information being queried is outside of the data plan, a "400 Bad Request error "response will be returned.

For more details on your account's data plan please reach out to Verizon Connect Customer Support


API Summary Details

API Name

Non- Powered Asset GPS History


Non- Powered Assets GPS history REST



GET Methods

The following methods enable integrated users to extract an asset’s location or information from REVEAL. These methods can be called for one asset or all assets at a time within REVEAL

Get GPS History By Asset Number

GET GPS history by asset number extracts location of an asset for specified period of time. Easy request can query up to 30 days of data 

GET GPS history by asset number  API Request Header

Operation and Path

GET /v1/assets/{assetnumber}/status/history?startdatetimeutc=yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss&enddatetimeutc=yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss

Notes regarding the Start and End Date and Time values used:

1.    Start date and end date must be within the accounts data plan 

2.     Start and End date must be less than 30 days apart

3.     Start and End date and time values are required





Atmosphere realm=http://atmosphere,atmosphere_app_id=<Integration Manager App ID>, Bearer <token>

Note: The Token API must be called in order to retrieve a valid token to provide to all subsequent calls.


GET GPS history by Asset Number sample response

    "GeofenceName": "VZC",

    "Address": {

        "AddressLine1": "2 Victoria Street",

        "AddressLine2": "",

        "Locality": "Christchurch",

        "AdministrativeArea": "Canterbury",

        "PostalCode": "8013",

        "Country": "NZL"


    "DeviceTimeZoneOffset": 12,

    "DeviceTimeZoneUseDST": false,

    "Latitude": -41.000000,

    "Longitude": 163.000000,

    "UpdateUTC": "2020-05-01T00:56:06"


    "GeofenceName": "VZC",

    "Address": {

        "AddressLine1": "57 Bealey Avenue",

        "AddressLine2": "",

        "Locality": "Christchurch",

        "AdministrativeArea": "Canterbury",

        "PostalCode": "8013",

        "Country": "NZL"


    "DeviceTimeZoneOffset": 12,

    "DeviceTimeZoneUseDST": false,

    "Latitude": -41.000000,

    "Longitude": 162.000000,

    "UpdateUTC": "2020-04-29T22:06:37"




GET GPS History by Asset number Response Field Breakdown



JSON Formatted Sample

Field Notes and Default Values




“AddressLine1” 57 Bealey Avenue


“Locality”:” "Christchurch",

“Administrative Area”:” Canterbury

“Postal Code”:” 8013



Address contains the global standards for address components:

·       Address Line 1 – location specific identification such as a house number

·       Address Line 2 – additional information to identify location such as an apartment number

·       Locality – city, town, etc.

·       Administrative Area – state, province, etc.

·       Postal Code

·       Country

Device Time Zone Offset


Device Time Zone Offset is the GPS device’s current time zone compared to UTC.

Device Time Zone Use DST


If the REVEAL account is set to acknowledge Daylight Savings Time then this value will return as TRUE.

REVEAL accounts in the United States are automatically defaulted to True.


“Latitude": -41.000000”,

The latitude of the last location



The longitude of the last location



The date time that the last location was reported to reveal


The Status will be:

·       200 if the Asset Number was found for the account and the Asset has Gps location history

·       204 if no last location history found (within the account Data Plan) for the Asset Number

·       400 if the Asset Number was invalid or the startdatetimeutc or enddatetimeutc parameters were invalid

·       404 if the Asset Number was not found for the account

·       500 if something else went wrong

A Bad Request (400) status will be returned if any of the following conditions are not met:

·       The Asset Number is a string that is not null or empty and must be no more than 96 characters long.

·       The startdatetimeutc and enddatetimeutc parameters are both required and should have the format yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss.

·       The enddatetimeutc DateTime cannot be before startdatetimeutc.

·       The startdatetimeutc and enddatetimeutc must be within 30 days of each other.

·       The enddatetimeutc Date Time cannot be after the Date Time that the request was made.

·       The startdatetimeutc Date Time cannot be before the Data Plan of the requesting Account.

GPS location history may be not found (Status 204) if the Asset has not yet reported a location, or if it has but the last time it reported was outside the data plan of the account