Developer Quick Start Guide

Get up and running with our APIs, tools and resources before you start developing your Verizon Connect integration. Learn how to create sample requests using our integration sample tools.


To get started, make sure that you have the following credentials. Contact the Reveal Customer Care team to have them re-issued if required:

·      Verizon Integration Manager (developer portal) credentials: You should have received these from

·      Reveal REST credentials – used to verify your client’s Reveal account permissions: You should have received these from your Reveal Customer Care representative.

Note: Without access to both sets of credentials, you cannot make an API request.


Step 1: Create a Verizon Connect app

This app helps Verizon Connect identify the developers that will be using the APIs and manages access to all the APIs needed for your integration.

Note: If you have created an app already, you can find it by clicking your profile icon on the top right and selecting My Apps from the select list. Take a note of your app’s ID and go to Step 2.


1.    Sign in to the Verizon Connect Integration Manager using your Integration Manager log-in details.

2.    From your dashboard, click Register Your App.

3.    Complete the required fields on the form. We recommend setting your app’s visibility to Private so only you can see your app details.



Click FINISH. You will be brought to your app’s Details screen. Your app will be assigned a unique app ID. Note down this app ID as you will need it to authenticate your API request in Step 4.

Additional app settings and data

·       Details: provides a list of APIs available to you. Click on an API for more information.

o   Each API’s Documentation:

§  Provides information on how to work with the APIs

§  Detail about functions, return types, arguments and responses.

·       Team: Provides options for giving selected Integration Manager users access to your app.

·       Analytics: Provides metrics on your app’s performance, including unique insights about each API request within your app.


Step 2: Retrieve your authorization token

Open a Base64 encoding tool and enter your Reveal Rest credentials in the format: username:password. This will return your Base64EncodedString.

Retrieve your authorisation token, using the following Token API details. Your authorization token is valid for 20 minutes. Note down your token value as you will need it to make an API request.


Token Authorization REST API - 1 (Live)


GET (Default)

Endpoint US (Default) EU (Default)







This exact format must be used, using your Base64EncodedString

Basic [Base64EncodedString]

e.g. Basic X1X1xXXxx1XxxXXxXXXxXxxXxX1XXX1Xx==




One method of retrieving your authorization token is to use the Integration Manager, as outlined here:

1.    From your app’s page, click Test Client.

Note: If your app name does not display as the page title, click on Apps, select your app again, and click Test Client.

2.    Expand the Headers area.

3.    Click Add Header.

4.    Click into the Enter Header Name field and select Authorization from the select list.


In the Enter Value field, paste your Base64EncodedString in the form: Basic [Base64EncodedString]


Step 3: Make a request

Now that you have your Verizon Connect app ID (Step 1) and authorization token (Step 2), you can start making requests.

Note: Requests made using the Test Client will call to the Reveal customer’s production account, so any changes applied through the API will be reflected in the corresponding Reveal account.

1.    From your app’s page, click Test Client.

Note: If your App name does not display as the page title, click on Apps, select your app again, and click Test Client.

2.    Select your API from the API field select list.

3.    Expand the header area.

4.    Click Add Header and enter the following information.

Graphical user interface, text, application, email

Description automatically generated








This exact format must be used, using your Verizon Connect App ID from Step 1:

Atmosphere atmosphere_app_id=[Verizon Connect App ID], Bearer [Authorization Token]

e.g. Atmosphere atmosphere_app_id=fleetmatics-p-us-XXXXXXXX, Bearer xxxxx123456


5.    Click Invoke to view your request and response.